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REACh (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) legislation is based on the idea that industry itself has to ensure that the chemicals it manufactures and puts on the market in the EU do not adversely affect human health or the environment.

The basic elements of Reach are:

Registration of chemicals: manufacturers and importer of chemicals must obtain relevant information on their substances and present a dossier for each one of them to the ECHA (European Chemical Agency).

Data Sharing between producers/importers: to reduce testing on vertebrate animals.

Information in the supply chain: hazard and risk will be passed down and up in the supply chain.

Evaluation by competent authority: ECHA will evaluate the registration dossiers and will coordinate authorities to investigate chemicals with perceived risks.

Authorisation of chemicals: Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) will necessarily undergo to the European Agency authorisation process. Applicants will have to demonstrate that risks associated with uses of these substances are under control or that socio-economic benefits of their use outweigh the risk.

Restriction of chemicals:  When necessary, the European Agency will impose limitations on certain chemicals uses in order to regulate the manufacture, placing on the market or use of certain dangerous substances. In some cases prohibition will be imposed.

De Napoli S.r.l., as a chemicals importer,  is fully involved in this process and is taking the necessary steps to fulfil all the requirements that this new regulations foresee.

For more details please visit ECHA website. 

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